CMTR - Crypto Currency For
Wide-Ranging Utility Payments

At CMTR we create a stable platform for individual entrepreneurs,
startups, and corporate entities to utilize our services to simplify their
product, time, and investment management tools.

White Paper

About CMTR Coin

We are incorporating blockchain technologies, and business solutions for all users to access features such as fund raising, Idea forums, advertising, product research, franchising, software development, POS payment methods, with access to partnerships, and marketplaces both institutional and private while instituting a monitoring system, and Masternode for our platform community.

Investing in CMTR can give you a stable passive income when held in one of our secured wallets, which is encrypted, and password protected for your safety. The Xevan Algorithm is a Proof of stake Masternode system coupled with a low supply currency like CMTR, is surely a formula for success.

Within the CMTR wallet, you can send and receive your assets, seamlessly and privately to other users within our network, in seconds. Users can also send CMTR to an acceptable exchange for trading. CMTR will fund the innovations, Ideas, and market Millions of enterprise solutions.

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Technical info
Ticker CMTR
Algorithm XEVAN
Max. Supply 30,000,000
Premine 350,000 (1.16%)
Reward Rate MN 80% / POS 20%
Masternode Collateral 5000 CMTR
Block Timer 60 secs
MinStakeAge 1 Hour

Join the CMTR community, Experience the Dawn of a new era in digital finances. Be a part of the World's First Hybrid Cryptocurrency promotion portal driven by an active community of blockchain adopters and altcoin investors. Learn what our blockchain can do for you and your business, earn passive income as well as incentives, and rewards for engaging in community bounty programs.


  • CMTR has a Transparent, and Active Team of dedicated professionals who working together with our community of investors will set the rules for our project governance.

  • POS + Masternode that keeps the integrity of network and allow you to earn return on invested funds while receiving a high stable passive income.

  • Blockchain based earning and payment provision where users get benefits for community participation

  • Coin network Stability, and Privacy for every initiated transaction. Low coin supply, low transaction fee

  • An Integrated PaywithCMTR service where users can accept CMTR as payment for products or services offered on our platform

  • Increasing Coin market value through continued partnership with trusted global firms for real-life utility for CMTR and scarcity of coin to prompt high demand

Reward Structure

For Early Birds

0.65208333 61 1000 0.1 20% 80% 5000 93.9 4
9.72152778 1001 15000 1 80% 20% 5000 13999 35 32.91428571 12013.7143 240.274286
31.2493056 15001 60000 2 80% 20% 5000 89998 100 23.04 8409.6 168.192
27.7770833 60001 100000 3 80% 20% 5000 119997 150 23.04 8409.6 168.192
69.44375 100001 200000 4 80% 20% 5000 399996 250 18.432 6727.68 134.5536
69.44375 200001 300000 5 80% 20% 5000 499995 300 19.2 7008 140.16


Stage 1
  • Project Conception
  • Assembling Core team
  • Platform Development Commencement
  • CMTR Blockchain Data format Specification
  • Launch of Official Logo, Social Media Channels and Website
  • Concept presentation to private investors
Stage 2
  • CMTR Test Network Launch
  • Hiring of additional team workers
  • Initial Marketing Campaign
  • Wallet Release for Windows, Linux and IOS
  • Block Explorer Launch
  • Bitcointalk Announcement
Stage 3
  • Bounty Launch
  • Presale Commencement
  • Masternode monitoring sites listing
  • Mn Setup Script
  • Shared Node Service Listing
  • Official Platform Launch
  • First Exchange Listing
Stage 4
  • Platform Exposure/Promo Listings
  • Initial Partnership deals
  • Second Exchange Listing
  • New Services added to the Plaform
  • New Partnerships
  • Coin Market Capitalization Listing
Stage 5
  • Additional platform integration
  • Mobile App integration
  • CMTR holder's reward scheme
  • funding for start-ups